IGD Symposium on Trilateral Cooperation

On the 27th October 2015, the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD), in partnership with the UK Department of International Development (DFID), hosted its first symposium on trilateral cooperation. This formed an important component of an ongoing research project that aims to provide critical insights into the international politics of development diplomacy and its implications for South Africa.

IGD Youth Forum Call for Articles

The Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD) Youth Forum would like to invite young scholars interested in South African foreign policy and international relations to write analyses /think-pieces on current events. The aim of this initiative is to provide a platform for young scholars to engage in matters concerning South African foreign policy and international affairs. The IGD Youth Forum seeks to promote youth dialogue towards a better Africa and a better world.


SA National Planning Committee directors – profiles of all the members

South African President Jacob Zuma has appointed 25 new members to the National Planning Commission in the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, for a period of five years.

The President has appointed the following members;


The Decoloniality Summer School hosted by the College of Human Sciences

Institute for Global Dialogue co-hosts with Unisa entities the next Summer School on Decoloniality: Being, Knowledge and Power. This is a Summer School in Janaury 2016 dedicated to decolonising research methodology, exploring ways of transcending the inherited colonial method and finding ways of expression the diversity of the world truthfully. 

Overview of German-South African political relations

Address at Institute of Global Dialogue event, UNISA

"Germany and South Africa: Turning Challenges into Opportunities and Opportunities into Achievements"
By H.E. Ambassador Horst Freitag, Embassy of Germany in South Africa.


The South African - GRULAC Dialogue Forum

The GRULAC (Latin American and Caribbean Group) dialogue forum on SA's relations with Latin American and the Caribbean countries was hosted at the DIRCO (Department of International Relations and Cooperation), OR Tambo Building, Tshwane, on 25 June 2015. With the attendance of the Deputy Minister Landers, as well as significant high level representation on behalf of the South African government and GRULAC missions in South Africa, insights


In Focus

In Focus is a refereed IGD blog spot providing snip analysis by IGD staff and external analysts on topical developments in Africa and the world. If you want to have your commentary considered, write an e-mail to info@igd.org.za. Older In Focus articles may be found in the archives section.

Please note the views and opinions expressed in the In Focus Blog are those of the individual authors and may not necessarily be shared by the IGD or its affiliates.

Myanmar’s general elections: The people have spoken, will the military listen

dlaminiThe results of Myanmar’s general elections that took place on the 8th of November 2015, promise a new era in a country that has been dominated by military rule for the past decades. However, this will only be judged by the willingness of the military to pave way for a more inclusive and democratic government.

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Tracking the Latest Developments of the Indian Ocean Rim Association(IORA)

lonagqizaPost Second World War, the strategic importance of the Indian Ocean region led to hegemonic states competing for ownership, power and influence in the region. The establishment of the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Co-operation in 1995 was significant because there was a need for countries of the Indian Ocean to unite and not allow states from other regions to take over. In 1997, the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Co-operation was transformed to the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA).Currently, with the latest additions to IORA, the association has 21 member states and 7 dialogue partners under its wing. The Indian Ocean, which has historically been a space of cultural and economic exchange, is the third largest ocean and serves for transportation and international trade with two-thirds of the world’s oil shipments, a third of the world’s bulk cargo traffic and half of the world’s container ships travelling through the region.

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The ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting-plus fails to agree on South China Sea

dlaminiThe regional retreat of the Third ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting (ADMM-Plus) plus eight other countries; Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Russia and the United States, took place on the 4th November 2015 in Malaysia. However the meeting faced a setback when the Ministers failed to issue a joint declaration of the regional security for the first time in the ADMM-Plus. The failure is attributed to the issues of the South China Sea dispute, where it said that China opposed the mention of its construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea in the joint statement.

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Youth Advocacy, #FeesMustFall and New Diplomacies

Wayne JumatThe South African, Chilean and Colombian economies have generally struggled due to factors such as corruption (public and private), the global economic recession, struggling economic performance and productivity, growing populations and needs, brain drain, persistent inequality and poverty, declining public expenditures particularly on education, and challenges of sourcing investments. The South African situation is fraught with threats to economic advancement, as it is has to prioritise various development projects apart from education, while simultaneously dealing with the South African economy that was predicted to grow by 2% for 2015. However, there may be ways to resolve the challenges of education, despite the attempts by the respective governments to temper student dissatisfaction and resolve the issues put on the table by the frustrated youth.

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