Decolonizing the University, Knowledge Systems and Disciplines in Africa

This book is intended to contribute to discussions about the fundamental challenge of coloniality haunting humanities and social sciences in universities in Africa, while suggesting ways to de-link from and make a break with the epistemic injustices of embedded Eurocentrism that finds expression in the idea of and the content of academic disciplines as found in the current university system...


Review of South Africa's Trilateral Cooperation Activities 2004 - 2014

The following presentation, prepared by Mr. Daniel Chiwandamira formed an integral part of the IGD Symposium on Trilateral Cooperation. The symposium offered conceptual and empirical analyses on research conducted by a range of scholars on trilateral cooperation. The presentation by Mr. Chiwandamira thus gave a comprehensive review of all of South Africa’s trilateral cooperation between 2004 and 2014, making it an invaluable resource for practitioners and non-practitioners of development diplomacy. ...


The Unisa Latin American Report invites submissions for its 2016 editions. The peer-reviewed transdisciplinary journal is dedicated to publishing critical scholarship in global south studies broadly and on issues affecting peoples and countries of Latin America and the Caribbean region, especially their relations with Africa across areas of politics, economy, culture, language, science, technology and innovation, environment, engineering, etc...

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IGD Symposium on Trilateral Cooperation

On the 27th October 2015, the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD), in partnership with the UK Department of International Development (DFID), hosted its first symposium on trilateral cooperation. This formed an important component of an ongoing research project that aims to provide critical insights into the international politics of development diplomacy and its implications for South Africa.

The South African - GRULAC Dialogue Forum

The GRULAC (Latin American and Caribbean Group) dialogue forum on SA's relations with Latin American and the Caribbean countries was hosted at the DIRCO (Department of International Relations and Cooperation), OR Tambo Building, Tshwane, on 25 June 2015. With the attendance of the Deputy Minister Landers, as well as significant high level representation on behalf of the South African government and GRULAC missions in South Africa, insights


Exploring the ties of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean for a better future

Because of similar interests and agendas, there are many benefits that South Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean can have if they collaborate in certain areas and learn from each other. As Unisa Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mandla Makhanya says: “We share a history, we share cultures, we share commercial relations and, even more important in a globalised world, we ought to share a common destiny as humanity.”

South Africa’s Conference Diplomacy: The World Forestry Conference in Durban

conference diplomacySouth Africa recently hosted the largest gathering of world leaders, business people, farmer organizations, forestry experts and activists to discuss the state of forests and issues connected to this. This has been billed as one of the most important conferences because it connected forestry with matters of agriculture and well-being. What are the ramifications of this on South Africa’s conference diplomacy?

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ANC discussion document: Mapping a foreign policy engagement?

Sanusha NaiduRecently the ruling party released its National General Council (NGC) discussion document in view of the NGC conference that was held from 8-11 October 2015 at Gallagher Estate in Midrand. The conference was a significant gathering of the party’s executive structures, its constituency groupings and stalwarts that are attending the 3-day discussions to engage in policy debates that will shape legislation and outline governance outcomes for the next five years.

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Renewing South Africa-Japan Economic Relations

lonagqizaThe Deputy President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa accompanied by a ministerial delegation, senior government officials and a trade delegation, went to Japan in August to promote South Africa as an ideal country for trade and foreign direct investment. South Africa is currently facing the highest level of unemployment since the apartheid era; the visit was primarily an effort from the South African government to reduce the high level of unemployment in the country. The economy of South Africa has declined therefore innovative and fresh ideas to grow the economy are needed.

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Rural infrastructure development: the solution for urbanization?

nalediplaaitjiesTwo-thirds of the African population dwell in rural areas. These areas house some of the poorest people of the continent and a general lack of infrastructure development. The inadequate focus on rural infrastructure development has led to the continued growth of the African urban population, as rural citizens migrate to urban-city centres in hopes of finding employment and improved access to public services. This is reflected in the projected increase of the urban population from 36% in 2010 to 50% by 2030. Thus the effects of urbanization in Africa, in particular the lack of policy focus in rural development and how the formation of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) could assist with financing rural development in Africa, will be discussed herewith.

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Navigating South Africa’s strategic interests in Greater Asia

dlaminiIn the past few months, the South African government made significant visits to a number of Asian countries in a quest to strengthen strategic bilateral relations. This also includes hosting some of the Asian countries’ representatives from business and civil society sectors, to the level of Ministerial meetings and Head of States conventions.

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South Africa and Mexico: Que Pasa?

Wayne JumatSouth Africa and Mexico are considered as “Pivotal” states in the Central American and Southern African regions, and formally established relations on 27 October 1993, with the subsequent opening of the South African Embassy in Mexico City on 10 January 1994. Respectively, these states are members to various international and regional organisations such as BRICS, G20, G77, MIKTA, and this supports the views of these states as prominent ‘emerging powers’ within the Global System of Actors. This may be due to these states’ access to these important platforms of political and economic discussions and negotiations, but they also have “voices” within these structures that carries quite some significance, whether in the Global South or Global North. Furthermore, a solid trade and political relationship has come about from interaction between these states, however more can and needs to be done to ensure the condition of this relationship remains mutually beneficial particularly as South Africa is Mexico’s biggest African trade partner.

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