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Russia and Iran: New strategic power alliance in Syria?

nagar fayaziRussia and Iran’s unprecedented cooperation in the Syrian civil war to maintain Bashar al-Assad’s regime has captured the world’s attention. This pairing has undoubtedly had a significant impact in the Middle East region along with hindering the United States (US) hegemonic status. However, in the past Iran and Russia’s relationship was not always as robust as it is currently, in fact there was a substantial amount of mistrust and resentment between these two emerging powersi. Thus, the question that should be asked is: Why are Iran and Russia allies in Syria?

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South African branding and African perceptions: How will the promotion of BRICS fare?

ArinaMuresanSouth Africa has a strategic role in promoting the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) partnership in Africa through its public diplomacy, the communication of a country’s foreign policy, and nation or place branding, the management of a nation’s reputation and image that accounts for the spirit and substance of a nation’s identity, intended to create a distinct, meaningful and authentic perception of the respective country.

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How can India stop Racism against Africans?

PoojaJainIn order to fight racism, we first need to acknowledge that it exists

Not even a year has passed since Congolese resident M.K. Oliver was murdered that reprehensible attacks on African students in India have resurfaced. What has changed in this past year? Not much, I argue. People persist in their prejudice and misconceptions while the government continues to toe the same line on the denial of racism in these crimesi.

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Iranian influence in turbulent Syria

nagar fayaziIran’s regional ascendancy is largely enhanced by its involvement and actions in the Syrian civil war, as from 2011. Since 1979, the strategic alliance between Iran and Syria has had a momentous bearing on shaping Middle Eastern politics and forestalling the regional goals of the United States (US) and Israel - which is to maintain their hegemonic position in the Middle East regioni. The question constantly asked today, is: why is Iran using much of its resources to back the Syrian regime and what strategic value does Syria have for the Islamic Republic?

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Iran: An emerging power?

nagar fayaziIn contemporary International Relations (IR), new powers are emerging to contest the United States (US) primacy and bring about vital changes to the global arena. There has been a shift from a predominant unipolar world order to a more multipolar world order. These powers are commonly known as ‘emerging powers’ and a common question asked today is, whether Iran can be considered an emerging power?

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