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Number of Categories: 10
Global Insight Files: 122
These are succinct policy briefs that examine topical issues of concern to the broad policy community. As such, they typically include policy considerations which are useful to decision-makers and analysts.
Occasional Papers Files: 36
In this series, widely distributed to analysts and opinion-makers in South Africa and elsewhere, commissioned analysts or staff members examine key issues in depth.
Global Dialogue Files: 13
Global Dialogue is a quarterly review of international affairs. Now in its tenth year, it is widely read and respected in South Africa, elsewhere in Africa, and abroad.
Trade Winds Files: 2
Trade Winds will focus on important developments in multilateral trade, particularly those affecting Africa, including the latest developments in trade negotiations, regional and continental trade dynamics, and substantive concerns such as market access, intellectual property rights, and the interface between trade, development, investment, and the environment.
Africa Dialogue Series Files: 0
This represents an initiative to bring together civil society, political actors and where possible, government representatives in select countries experiencing conflict in Africa. These ‘second track’ forums typically involve a range of actors who might otherwise not have an opportunity to engage in dialogue and discussion with each other. The IGD has, over the years, been able to build trust and confidence with different actors in these countries such that it is seen as an honest and impartial broker. The publications in this series flow from different forums organized by the IGD and reflect the content and nature of the discussions.
IGD Reports Files: 44
The IGD reports provide policy actors and interested members of the public with feedback on the presentations and discussions at  IGD events.
Monographs & Books Files: 24

The IGD disseminates the results of its outreach, research and analyses via an extensive publications programme. Most of these can be downloaded from the website: The first edition of the textbook, titled Power, Wealth and Global Order, was produced in 1999 and was generally well received by a range of users in universities and government in South Africa. This led to the development of a second edition which took into account much of the useful feedback and suggestions on how it could be improved. The second edition, titled Power, Wealth and Global Equity was published in 2002 and incorporates many of the suggestions for improvement, including three new chapters and major revisions of the rest. It is hoped that the new edition will find its way into universities across Africa and further afield in Europe and North America, for they too are the intended beneficiaries.

South-South Cooperation Files: 3
South-South Cooperation (Non IGD) Files: 3
SADC Publications Files: 3

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