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Mozambique: Sustaining Broad-Based and Inclusive Growth


The deceleration of poverty reduction in the face of robust economic growth is the defining development challenge in today’s Mozambique. The challenge is to diversify the sources of economic growth; integrate capital-intensive mega-projects with the government’s poverty reduction strategy; and develop the agriculture sector which employs close to 80% of the workforce but remains largely unproductive and subsistence-based.

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Development assistance grows


OVER the past few years, India's development assistance has started to cover large number of countries and consequently, the projects being implemented by the Government of India have increased substantially.

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China’s Engagement in Africa: Responding to Growing Tensions and Contradictions


The aim of this Policy Brief is to point out some of the growing tensions and contradictions that have emerged in relation to China’s increased engagement in Africa, and that have received attention in local and international media reports.

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Russia as a Humanitarian Aid Donor.

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This paper addresses the role of Russia as a humanitarian aid donor in the context of the increasing participation in international aid of so-called ‘new’, ‘emerging’ (or ‘re-emerging’), or ‘non-traditional’ donors. In the recent years Russia has made a number of international aid commitments, for example within the G8, marking its re-emergence as an international donor since the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

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South Africa north of the border: the South African Development Partnership Agency (SADPA)

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When the United Kingdom (UK) announced earlier this year that it would end its aid relationship with South Africa much of the debate focused on what had changed in South Africa. Was the UK correct that South Africa no longer needed aid? Did the UK violate protocol in its relationship with South Africa? Is the UK’s decision because South Africa as a middle income country no longer needs aid?

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About The Project

Supported by the Department for International Development (DFID) UK, this 3 year project focuses on deepening the understanding of the international politics of development diplomacy, including the key political drivers that influence and shape development policy internationally and the impact this has on South Africa as an emerging development assistance partner.

Key Themes

This project considers three key areas:

  1. The development of the South African Development Partnership Agency (SADPA);
  2. Trilateral development partnerships; and
  3. Multilateral development cooperation.
Aims and Objectives of The Project

The aims of this project include:

  • improving the understanding of the current transition taking place within multilateral development cooperation in both the geo-political North and South;
  • understanding the role of multilateral development cooperation for South Africa’s foreign policy and international engagement in the short, medium, and long-term;
  • review potential opportunities as well as obstacles in engaging in international development assistance
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