Public lecture by the Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Mr Luwellyn Landers, at the Pontifica Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra, Dominican Republic

Public lecture by the Deputy Minister of International Relations and CooperationVice Chancellor of the University
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I am pleased by your attendance of this Public Lecture which seeks to reflect on South Africa’s foreign policy engagements. We have decided to base our interaction on an overview of South Africa’s foreign policy, its origins and manifestation.

South Africa’s foreign policy orientation

Let me begin by giving a broader foreign policy orientation. In this way we should be able to reflect on its evolution, principles and key objectives. I would like to state from the onset that we share a common history of colonialism with the Dominican Republic.

This is the same historical tragedy we share with many countries on the African continent and in the global South. We had to wage a struggle which was supported by the people and leadership of the African continent, the global South and peace loving people of the entire world. Other African countries gained independence before us and likewise they supported our cause.

Our liberation movements launched the struggle for liberation from different countries across the globe and were hosted in various countries in the global South. These countries risked destabilisation and aggression by apartheid South Africa, particularly our neighbouring states referred to as Front Line States which hosted the African National Congress (ANC) and other liberation movements.


About The Project

South Africa's conduct of international relations, especially its role in international organisations like the UN Security Council, its choice of strategic partnerships, its leadership role in Africa, its public engagement and foreign policy decision making, has been intensely debated in the recent past. The FPA programme aims to provide a nuanced analysis and facilitate a structured discussion of South Africa's foreign policy in a changing world environment for purposes of informing its future direction.

Aims and Objectives of The Project

The purpose of this focus area is to unpack the extent to which the policy in its making, its nature and its application constitutes a principled and pragmatic response to a complex international environment. In doing so, we hope to be guided by an objective to promote a foreign policy that positions SA as a responsible global citizen committed to building bridges between various power blocs for the benefit of Africa and South Africans.

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