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South Africa’s foreign policy and Mozambique’s hydro-carbon economy


Imagine a 400 storey tidal wave barrelling towards a three storey building and one begins to understand the enormity of Mozambique’s natural gas find. While government collected R30billion in revenue in 2012 the current market value of Mozambique’s gas approaches R4trillion, 130 times the size of Mozambique’s revenue (and five times the size of South Africa’s). This, combined with discoveries of coal and other natural resources, has electrified the imaginations of Mozambique’s government and will dramatically strengthen its influence in relation to South Africa and the region.

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What and who drives regional integration in Southern Africa


What are the drivers and politics behind regional integration efforts in Southern Africa? What are the implications for governments, regional actors and development partners? What does it mean for South Africa and the EU in particular? These were the points under discussion at a joint ECDPM and SAIIA workshop, held in Pretoria on the 2 and 3rd July as part of the Political Economy of Regional Integration in Southern Africa (PERISA) project, financed the EU-SA Dialogue Facility.

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Public Lecture by Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, H.E. Mr Ebrahim I Ebrahim: “The impact of former President Mandela’s legal background and the ideal of a new South Africa”, University of Cape Town, 29 July 2013


It always gives me great pleasure to address students and to engage with young, bright minds, because you are the leaders of tomorrow. And what better place than the University of Cape Town to reflect on the leadership and the legacy of our former President, Nelson Mandela, who spent so much of his life incarcerated not too far from here. From here you can actually see the tiny island to which he was confined in a tiny cell, yet his influence was felt across the entire world.


Launch of the Civil20, Moscow, Russia


On 13-14 June 2013 a two-day meeting of the Civil20 was held in Moscow, Russia. After many years of lobbying by international civil society for a formal civil society process and space at the G20, the Civil20 was launched under the G20 Presidency of Russia. - See more here

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South African Foreign Policy Review Volume 1


The richness of public and academic discourses on the past, present and future direction of South Africa’s role in Africa and the world suggests that as a sub-discipline of politics South African foreign policy is ready for a systematic and regular appraisal in the form of a series of publications that the Institute for Global Dialogue will call South African Foreign Policy Review. This is also because constant changes in international and domestic circumstances impinge on the management and analysis of South Africa’s foreign policy.

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About The Project

South Africa's conduct of international relations, especially its role in international organisations like the UN Security Council, its choice of strategic partnerships, its leadership role in Africa, its public engagement and foreign policy decision making, has been intensely debated in the recent past. The FPA programme aims to provide a nuanced analysis and facilitate a structured discussion of South Africa's foreign policy in a changing world environment for purposes of informing its future direction.

Aims and Objectives of The Project

The purpose of this focus area is to unpack the extent to which the policy in its making, its nature and its application constitutes a principled and pragmatic response to a complex international environment. In doing so, we hope to be guided by an objective to promote a foreign policy that positions SA as a responsible global citizen committed to building bridges between various power blocs for the benefit of Africa and South Africans.

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